AGRIFILM for greenhouses applications

tramontoThe high performance “Agrifilm” for transparent greenhouses covering is a blown extruded and plasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC film.

It’ s manufactured using only virgin row materials supplied from European certified companies, therefore this PVC film does not contain toxic row materials.

It stands out for the following characteristics:

1) Higher greenhouse effect

This characteristic is due to the greater permeability average of infrared rays, in comparison with the polyethylene film, and therefore leading to a greater heating of the ground beneath.
It produces greater retention of the ground to the atmosphere heat radiation, and therefore greater temperature conservation during the night hours resulting in more constant day and night temperatures.

2) Anti-condensation effect

The physical characteristics of the film limit significantly the condensation forming on the hothouse’s internal surface, which avoids the extremely harmful dripping to some crops. It also avoids light diffraction.

3) Duration over time

The resistance to ageing of Plastec Italia’s Agrifilm on greenhouses, which are exposed to the atmospheric agents, is significantly higher than the one of the polyethylene.

The above features can be very important in that:

  • they enable farmers to be confident of the greenhouse’s durability once the crops have been planted.
  • the best growing conditions currently possible are obtained, resulting in higher performance in terms of yield precocity, quality etc.