AGRIVINYL green color for ensiled

InsilatoAGRIVINYL” polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheeting is produced by Plastec Italia Srl and is particularly recommended for covering heaps of chopped maize. It has the property to maintain unchanged the quality of the waxy product during the fermentation process; consequently, it becomes an essential component for cattle feed. In addition to this, it is important for the silages for being well isolated from the external atmospheric agents, which would cause the rapid decomposition of the maize.

Thanks to the “AGRIVINYL” properties, the heap is kept perfectly isolated from the outside atmosphere. This is possible whatever the type of climate is, whether it is cold with frequent frosts, windy, or sunny.

In order to reach this outcome a plastic material has been designed with optimum resistance to sudden temperature changes and to traction. It is important to stress that only PVC offers these features, while with other coating, there is some uncertainty about their ability to last over time.

To be even more certain of the positive outcome of ensiling, it is advisable to apply over-sleeves again in PVC, sealed to the main sheet, and whose purpose is to remove the air remaining in the silos after they have been covered, by means of a suction pump.

This produces an internal vacuum which further improves the stability of the waxy product over time. “AGRIVINYL” sheets can be used either in combination with prefabricated cement parapets, or with total cover from the ground.

In the first case the PVC sheet is only used to cover the upper part of the silo, while in the second case the structure is entirely in plastic and is not hampered by pre existing cement constructions.

This makes it possible to choose the most appropriate dimensions for the silo according to the specific space requirements.

In fact “AGRIVINYL” sheeting is only produced on request to measurements supplied by the customer.