garden pondOur PVC film, named AGRILAC (available black and grey), is particularly suitable for the realization of garden ponds, because of its malleability which allows it to be  perfectly adapt to the roughness of the soil or of the pond.

Our film is produced using only first quality vergin resins and it is bario-cadmium free (so nontoxic for fishes) : this permits to our material to keep all its characteristics steady over time and as a consequence, to reach optimum durability.
This product is also UV stabilized, procedure which makes it more resistant to the light affects.

In order to make the film and its characteristics long life, it’s necessary to keep the sheet  always covered by water, stones or plants.
Naturally the water level,which is subjected to some variations caused by evaporation, must be taken under control and to a steady level from the customer.

On the foreign market this material is largely used in rolls. Usually they are requested in 4/6/8m wide x 25m length in thick.0.50/0.80/1.00mm.
These rolls can be sold as they are or welded and sold as sheets.
Under request rolls can be supplied in different lengths, anyway up to a maximum weight of approximately 500kgs.
Rolls can be printed each meter and each 25cm and personalized with the name or the initials of the customer. Printing will look as follows:
ex. Plastec Italia>I<001 . . I . . Plastec Italia >I<002 . . I . . .

The largest widths, which we can supply for each thickness WITHOUT WELDING are the following:

  • thick.0.50mm till 6m (3m open 6)
  • thick.0.80mm till 4m (2m open 4)
  • thick.1.00mm till 4m (2m open 4)
  • thick.1.20mm till 4m (2m open 4)
  • thick.1.50mm till 3m (1.50m open 3)

We are proud we can state that we are the only PVC producer in such widths film without welding.

On request, we can produce welded sheet following the dimensions given by the customer up to a maximum weight of about 2000/2200kg.
Naturally the dimensions depends on the requested thickness, which can be 0.50/0.80/1.00mm (ex.60×50 in thick.0.50mm).
We do high frequency welding; it allows a perfect welding, without loss and without damaging the material along the welding.
Minimum requested quantity for each order Kg.5/6000.