ninfeaFor this sector Plastec Italia Srl advises its customers to use the “Agrilac grey” and the “Agrilac black”.

Generally our PVC rolls are 25 mt long for 4/6/8/10 mt width in the usual thickness: 0,50 mm and 1,00 mm.

Thanks to its technology, Plastec Italia Srl is able to manufacture PVC rolls in large widths without welding, which are not findable on the market.

The standard widths available, given the thickness, are the following:

  • Until Thick. 0,50mm Roll in width mt 3 open 6
  • Until Thick. 1,00mm Roll in width mt 2,5 open 5

These widths allow, in case of need of welded membranes, to have a lower number of welding in order to obtain a better reliability of the membranes and to reduce considerably the risk of losses.

Straight during the extrusion, the PVC roll can be printed, through an inkjet machine, which marks the roll every meter and every 25 cm. On demand it’s also possible to print the name of the customer or his initials.

The metric print allows to get rid of the paper metre.

Once folded and packed, the rolls have a maximum width of 2 mt, in order to be directly displayed on the stands of the store.

Concerning the assembling, it’s possible to manufacture and deliver one only film until 1.600/1.700 Kg for big basins, as follows:

  • Sp.0,50mm max mq.2500 (es. m.50×50)
  • Sp.1,00mm max mq.1200 (es. m.30×40)

After which the membrane is folded up as an “accordion” and positioned on a pallet, ready for being posed, which results very simplified (also in case of great dimensions of the basin) thanks to this type of packaging.