Our technology consists in the blown extrusion system, which allows us to obtain a film with excellent properties, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Strong resistance to mechanical constraints,
  • Absolute impermeability,
  • High resistance to chemicals and weathering,
  • UV resistance, thereby a slowing of the aging,
  • excellent weldability,
  • affordable price

The main and the most important feature of our film obtained through extrusions is the possibility to achieve films as follows:

  • up to 6 Mt. in length – thickness 0,50 WITHOUT WELDING
  • up to 4 Mt. in width – thickness 1 mm WITHOUT WELDING

Consequently, we can offer to our customers PVC rolls in 8 Mt. width with only one welding.

These measures allow us, in case of requested welded films , to realize PVC films with a less number of welding, obtaining therefore more reliable membranes, reducing considerably the risk of dropping.

We are proud to point out that we only use selected high quality raw materials coming from chemical multinational companies providing only certified products. Top –quality are also all the other compounds components which are extruded. That’s why we can state that our product offers optimal characteristics conform to the specific necessities in the advised use of the customer.


Our factory has got three main departments:

1) Compounds. In this department, starting from selected high quality raw materials, we originate the compound which is going to be used in the extrusion. We purchase the resins and the plasticizers from big multinational companies (such as VINNOLIT, SOLVAY, LVM as for the resins; BASF and LONZA as for the plasticizers); they exclusively supplies certified products.

2) Extrusion. In this department the film is produced through blowing extrusion (balloon). In order to satisfy all demands of the market our customers, the department is provided with different lines of extrusion so that each one can produce, at the same time, different measures teils.

3) Wrapping. Here the bags and the welded membranes are assembled, both for the sector of the gardening and for the sector of the waterproofing. The hot wedge welding is used in case of product advised to the sector of the gardening; as for the waterproofing high frequency welding is used instead.